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All you need is twenty seconds of insane courage. Just literally twenty seconds ...

Since seeing 'We bought a zoo' a few years ago now- this quote has hung around for me. If I think of situations that I have been in where I didn't do what I wanted to do ( and there are many) this sentence could have moved me out of my comfort zone and into that scary place of growth and

amazing bravery to either find my potential, have those difficult conversations, stand up for myself or my family and ultimately to make a difference.

There are many takes on this that are being used by coaches and motivational speakers....

Just do it

Count back from 5, 4,3,2,1 and go do

So how do we do it- this bravery thing?

I think that the key for me is that we don't give ourselves space to talk ourselves out of being brave. We go and make a move to do- make an action.

Whether that is asking someone out or stepping out into a new business venture- I would suggest the feelings of inadequacy and self sabotage will be fairly similar.

I have just launched this new website, moving from an archaic web builder to a easy to build format. All great but there were complications- they are always there somewhere aren't they.

Not as easy to swap over my domain, extra cost, time- lots and lots of time planning and playing around with things at the PC. But the courage I needed was for more than this. It was for stepping into some new areas of my work- into something I felt I was being 'called ' to do ( for all Christians out there- you'll get what I mean!) I guess my purpose would be another way of putting it.

But it is flippin scary to an introvert like myself to want to speak and lead workshops, or run support groups, or even run training for other professionals - yikes- the impostor syndrome just kicked up a notch, my inner critique would say ' who do you think you are' 'You cant do that' etc

But I knew I should. Have you ever wanted to do something and it wells up from within you- I think that is passion- its drive- its creativity. I could see I could help more people by running workshops. I know just how tough it can be to be an introvert in an extrovert run world ( no offence meant to anyone in this) so the thought of running a support group for introverts wouldn't go away.


This quote came back to me.

I couldn't deny it. I needed to step out and make moves towards my purpose.

I did- It felt incredibly scary- and when I do my first workshop that'll have its own need for those 20 seconds- a few times over I'm sure. But Im gonna do it.

What about you?

What do you need those 20 seconds for? Taking action finding that new job? Talking about some tough issues with your partner? Even getting out of bed each morning if depression and anxiety fights to keep you under the duvet.

You go do it. All you need is 20 seconds...

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