What can I help you with? 

People enter into therapy for so many reasons:


  •  'I feel so depressed'                       

  •   'My anxiety is controlling my life and I want it to stop' 

  • 'I feel so incredibly lonely'       

  • 'My wife has left me, and my life has fallen apart'

  • 'I really do not know how to cope with life'                      

  • 'I want to be happy again'   

  • 'My mum died, I don't know how I'm going to cope'         

  •  'we just don't get on anymore'

  •  'I'm anxious about my exams'                                                   

  • 'life is so stressful'

  • I'm anxious about...'               

  • 'I get angry over the smallest things'

  • 'I want to be more confident'           

  •  'I'm unattractive,unlovable, no one likes being with me'

  • For some it may just be a sense of unrest within which hangs over everything  they do- not really being able to put their finger on it.


Counselling can and does help many people find solutions to their problems.



You know what you need help with. Take that first move towards being the person you want to be.

Make that first brave move today and give me a call, text or email.

My clients say I am  warm and gentle and really put them at ease- so risk a little and make contact today....because YOU are worth fighting for.

Pathways Counselling Services is it time
Due to the Coronavirus outbreak. All Sessions will be online until further notice

"We cannot change, we cannot move away from what we are, until we thoroughly accept what we are. Then change seems to come about almost unnoticed.”

 ― Carl R. Rogers

Face to Face Counselling

I offer you a safe place to explore your current situation, and or past events to find your way through them. I do all I can to help you feel safe and I am gentle and warmhearted by nature but  I will challenge you to move forward if I sense that is what is required.

Confidentiality is paramount and anything you tell me will be held in the strictest confidence. There are exceptions to this which I will explain when we meet, but all with the intention to keep you safe from harm.

I offer a full 60 minute session. Tea , Coffee & water offered. On the ground floor, so disabled access. I have just two steps to my room ( though these can be avoided by using another door). Toilet Facilities and free parking at all times on the forecourt.

Pathways Counselling Services Find your
Due to the Coronavirus outbreak. All Sessions will be online until further notice


£ 50 for 60 minute session


£65 for 60 minute session

Online Counselling 

Nothing gets close to meeting with some one who has your best interest  face to face, if you can I would encourage you to do that. However shift work, working abroad, there are so many reasons that Video conference counselling works. 

It could be you are unable to leave your home, or have anxiety around doing so. 

Then maybe online counselling would be for you. We would use only safe fully encrypted programmes which would suit both of us. This is only available for individuals aged over 16. You would need a computer or phone to do this.

Pathways Counselling Services Be confide
Due to the Coronavirus outbreak. All Sessions will be online until further notice


£ 50 for 60 minute session

via mutually suitable & secure video call service. 


I am very excited to be able to share some of my experience and knowledge to help and inform people in a group environment. I have some dates booked for 2019 , but if you would like me to come to you to present a topic, please do get in touch. 

I have kept the cost of these as low as possible so as to make them available to many. 

if money is the only reason you can not attend, then please get in contact. I will make a limited number of places significantly reduced wherever possible. 

Tea & Coffee available. 

2019 Workshops

Sat 1st June Relationships

Sat 13th July Building your self worth

Sat 27th July Building significance for 12- 19 year old girls

Sat 21st Sept Take control of your thoughts

Sat 9th Nov Loneliness & Belonging

Sat 7th Dec Ending 2019 Well- Goal Setting & Planning for 2020

Sat 4th Jan Begining Well- Goal Setting & Planning for 2020 ( a repeat of 7th Dec)

Due to the Coronavirus outbreak. All Sessions will be online until further notice


£ 35 for 3 hour workshops

Introvert & Highly Sensitive Person Support Group

One of my passions is to help introverted people embrace and love being who they are rather than seeing themselves as less than our extroverted fellow humans.

There is such a richness to being an introvert that this world needs to see, if only we could find the confidence to venture out and share ourselves. Knowing how to protect and take care of ourselves is a key part of this group.

I too am a Introvert, and I help others knowing just how tough I found finding my place and also finding my voice. We will look at confidence, boundaries, self esteem and so many other areas.

I have included highly sensitive people in this group ( HSP's) as the overwhelm of noise and activity as well as other things can mean that they retreat away rather than learning how to manage situations.

If this describes you, and you would like to join our relaxed group, we meet on a Monthly on a Monday in Bexleyheath, so get in touch. This is currently for adults although please do get in touch if your child struggles in this way and if we have enough children we could start one for children too. 

Pathways Counselling Services Embrace wh
Due to the Coronavirus outbreak. All Sessions will be online until further notice

Support Group 1.5 hours Monthly Monday Evenings

£10 per person

per session