Face to Face Counselling

I offer you a safe place to explore your current situation, and or past events to find your way through them. I do all I can to help you feel safe and I am gentle and warmhearted by nature but  I will challenge you to move forward if I sense that is what is required.

Confidentiality is paramount and anything you tell me will be held in the strictest confidence. There are exceptions to this which I will explain when we meet, but all with the intention to keep you safe from harm.

I offer a full 60 minute session. Tea , Coffee & water offered. On the ground floor, so disabled access. I have just two steps to my room ( though these can be avoided by using another door). Toilet Facilities and free parking at all times on the forecourt.

Online Counselling

Nothing gets close to meeting with some one who has your best interest  face to face, if you can I would encourage you to do that. However shift work, working abroad, there are so many reasons that Video conference counselling works. 

It could be you are unable to leave your home, or have anxiety around doing so. 

Then maybe online counselling would be for you. We would use only safe fully encrypted programmes which would suit both of us. This is only available for individuals aged over 16. You would need a computer or phone to do this.